Cracking Your Code: Finding the Key to How Your Mind Operates


In a recent blog post, I used a metaphor of unlocking your specific code (the intertwining of your mind, body and spirit) that makes you, you.

These three components make up our essence. Each of us has a distinct way our mind operates which translates into actions, based on our thoughts and beliefs. Experiences we had growing up can also sculpt our belief system about our relationship to the world and others.


The first component of our code is the mind. There is a conscious part of our mind, or what makes up our 5 main senses and cognition.
The other part is the subconscious, the realm of our mind that our thoughts and beliefs shape.
Our subconscious, then, is important for shaping how we manage our physical health. Altering our mindset is a however a huge task which takes time. Most of us are also not taught to do that.

People don’t appreciate the power of the subconscious mind because we are not aware of its power. I see many patients who don’t like the situation they’re in but feel powerless to change it.

In my own experiences when changing some of my own health and fitness habits, I realized that the first step is to recognize my own thoughts about health and wellness. I did this by looking back into my past to where those thoughts started.

We have to look back in our past, at our parents, siblings and other close relatives who may have influenced our earliest thoughts. Perhaps they also had poor habits which “rubbed off” on us.

Perhaps we saw physicians as the ultimate authority and weren’t allowed to question them. Maybe our religious beliefs taught us that there were things we could or couldn’t do.

Image result for tapestry of mindQuestioning yourself and “unweaving” that part of the tapestry is, then, the first step.

When you see a tapestry or painting up close, the various specific threads can be seen but you can’t see exactly where a thread weaves into another. The threads are so tightly woven that it is very difficult to “tease” it out.

removing subconscious beliefs

But these thoughts and beliefs need to be “teased” out and examined for what they are.

You need to ask yourself, “Do these thoughts resonate with me anymore?”

If they don’t, and you struggle with how to find new ones, read on.

As I’ve written in previous posts, meditation is a time-tested way to “shut off” the outside
noise and reflect on your thoughts.

Believing that you can influence your thoughts and actually change them takes discipline. But, it can be done. There are many methods of meditation and I wrote about them here.

bsffbook1a1There are other techniques of changing your thoughts as well. The one I’ve used and written about in an earlier post is “Be Set Free Fast.” This technique was written in a book by Larry Nims.

The next post will go through understanding the physical part of your code: Nutrition part 1.

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I would love to hear your comments on this post. Thank you.


  1. A friend of mine is a hypnotherapist and she has explained so much of this to me. It’s amazing!

  2. Thank you for another great post!! This is so true and I have found EFT to work great with meditation, both combined have worked for me! Looking forward to read your next post!

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