Intuition: Key To A Peaceful Practice


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“The only real valuable thing is intuition” Albert Einstein

Intuition, defined as an “inner sense” of the direction a person should take.

It is an integral part of achieving the peace and balance that all of us want. It is also absolutely amazing how your body will “tell” you what it needs if you listen.

I have been networking with integrative practitioners in my practice area. One naturopathic physician allowed me to shadow him on a consultation with a new patient. The patient was overweight, anxious, had high blood pressure and she was looking for answers on how to improve her health.

The doctor took her history, blood pressure and performed a type of technique called muscle testing to see if she was allergic to certain foods like wheat or fruit. Muscle testing involves pushing against the physician’s hand. If the patient is allergic, the doctor easily overcomes the patient’s strength.

During the testing, we clearly noticed that the foods she said gave her reactions were the ones that elicited muscle weakness. We were fascinated and not surprised. I have also done this myself with equally fascinating results.

The physician was able to make recommendations, pending blood tests. The patient seemed happy as she left the office with the hope of improving her weight, blood pressure and overall well-being.

What impressed me most about this encounter was the intuition the patient had in seeking the advice of an integrative practitioner.

Your intuition can therefore be the true compass of how you can improve or maintain your health.

How to Use Your Intuition for Healing

intuition for healingHere are some suggestions that can help you use more of your intuition for healing.

1. Allow yourself to recognize

Allow yourself to recognize when you sense something isn’t right.

For example the recognition that a certain treatment plan isn’t working is your intuition giving you a signal.

In addition, create time to meditate since it is a great way to listen to yourself in a state of calm.

2. Engage your physician

Ask your physicians questions and do not accept anything at face value. Personally, I enjoy friendly debates with my patients since I want them to partner with me in their care.

3. Educate yourself

Look into alternative methods of treatment and use your primary care physician as your guide since combining this with your intuition will help you own your health.

Have you used your intuition to guide you? Please share your experiences.


  1. Years ago, I found a lump which turned out to be cancer. Long story, but with help and guidance, I used my intuition to accept that the lump needed to be removed but would not kill me. That was back in 2001 and I am still here. I believe that we ‘know’ when we allow ourselves to be still and to be with our mind/heart/soul/intuition and to observe what our ‘gut’ tells us when we actually take the time to listen. Sometimes fear blocks people from listening in the stillness, but the body/mind connection knows what is needed even when we really don’t want to deal with it. I am impressed with your blog and your thinking.

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