Looking Beyond What’s Infront of You


Learning about integrative medicine and suggesting it to people has been a great experience. However, it has also been wrought with uncertainty.

I wondered whether people would accept or reject it because after all, patients are not accustomed to physicians telling them to meditate or take supplements. 

integrative medicine meditationIn spite of my misgivings, one patient surprised me when I offered meditation as a way of improving mindfulness by telling me that she learned the Silva method years ago.

She also told me that she had recently been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and she credited the use of meditation for her healing. In addition, she also reported that she frequently went for acupuncture.

I saw another patient with hypertension and told him he needed to start taking medications.  When he refused to take drugs, I suggested trying magnesium which is a mineral that lowers blood pressure by relaxing the smooth muscle in the walls of arteries just like many commonly prescribed anti-hypertensive medications.

Although I was a little hesitant, treating the patient with something was better than giving him nothing.  I therefore urged him to try the magnesium and I was  pleasantly surprised when his blood pressure improved since we had both come up with a solution that fit HIM.

The Bane of Chronic Pain

Though many patients in our society suffer from chronic pain, most physicians do not consider the role the mind plays in the controlling the pain response since physical pain is actually “felt” in the brain.

acupuncture integrative medicineAnalgesics are the most commonly prescribed medications for this condition but they are not the perfect solution since they mask symptoms and often cause side effects.

In addition, they also impart a feeling of dependence.

While searching for a better option, I found a physician who practices acupuncture.

I took some time to learn about its philosophy and after seeing it in action, I now routinely recommend it to patients.

Integrative Medicine Options

People feel trapped when they do not have good options.  However, integrative medicine offers some safe options which leads to reassurance.

As a patient, you just have to ask questions so that you can discover your options. Ask, “What can I do?” or “Who can I speak to and solve my problem?” and the answers will start showing up.

Combine this with listening to the “inner voice” that will lead you to your answers and stop accepting things which do not “feel right”.

In addition, partner with a physician who is open to looking beyond what is already in front of them.

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