The Energy of Peaceful Living


nuclear-energy Energy allows us to do our daily activities.

It allows cells in our muscles, bones and other organs to operate.

At the cellular level, the area of the cell that creates energy is called the mitochondria.

In the mitochondrion, energy is produced in the form of a substance known as ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). This process involves many complex biochemical steps.

Energy is produced by the transfer of electrons (those tiny particles you may or may not remember from physics class) that produce energy (a process called potentiation) to ultimately add phosphorus units to adenosine and make ATP which has biochemical bonds that contain energy.

A by-product of these reactions is something called “free radicals.” These negative particles are usually made neutral by other proteins (called “anti-oxidants,” which I know most everybody has heard of). But some can’t be neutralized. These remaining free radicals cause something called “oxidation,” which affects the functioning of the mitochondria and ultimately the cell.

So why go through this long explanation? Because understanding how your body produces energy and the various steps it goes through during this process will help you understand what to do to keep it working at an optimal level. This keeps the brain and other parts of your body from becoming fatigued, much like when you’re exercising and get tired out.

How to Increase your Energy Levels for Peaceful Living

Here are some things you can easily do to reduce the effects of free radicals and oxidation and increase your energy for peaceful living:

Eat Anti-Oxidant Rich Foods

how to increase energy levelsConsume foods that are rich in anti-oxidants like fresh fruits and vegetables.

Combine this with taking vitamin supplements that reduce oxidative stress like vitamins B6 and B12 as well as CoQ10.

Make it a point to also research and learn about more anti-oxidants.

Limit Alcohol Use

Limit the amount of alcohol you consume since it actually forms more free radicals that cause oxidation.


Woman bikingPhysical exercise helps your cells become more efficient in using energy and becoming less metabolically active.

As a result, you use less energy and produce fewer free radicals.

Therefore schedule time to exercise even if it just involves taking brisk walks several times a week.

These suggestions seem intuitive. But when you realize, as I have, that the energy that fuels your life matters, you will see the wisdom of bringing in positive energy.


What do you do to either increase or improve your energy? I am interested in hearing your responses.


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