Top 5 Influences In My Journey into Integrative Medicine


The road leading to my discovery of integrative medicine started with a realization that there were tools missing in my “box.”

Simply prescribing medications for diseases that clearly had multiple origins – physical, psychological, emotional and socioeconomic – was not adequately addressing my patients’ needs.

I also felt I had to change some of my own health and wellness behaviors. So, I embarked on learning about new diets and ways to reduce stress.

I found books, personalities, websites and podcasts along my journey. Finding information about nutrition, techniques to manage stress and improve self-image and a new paradigm for patient care, has been exciting for me.

5 Awesome Holistic Health Resources

institute of functional medicine, the tapping solution, Silva mind control method, Dr. Joseph Mercola, the Prosperity showI am happy to share my list of resources with you.

I recommend these to anyone who is interested in living a fuller and richer life:

1. The Tapping Solution

The Tapping Solutionby Nick Ortner is an interesting book explaining the “Emotional Freedom Technique,” which involves acupressure-type tapping to relieve stress.

2. The Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Methodby Jose Silva was written decades ago and it is an elegant instruction on meditation and how to use your mind more effectively. I currently use it as it is a great way to relax and improve concentration.

3. The Prosperity Show

 “The Prosperity Show” website and podcast by Joan Sotkin teaches financial skills by first exploring people’s inner beliefs.

The philosophy that Joan teaches ties in nicely with medicine because both financial and physical health start with healthy inner thoughts.

4. Institute for Functional Medicine

This organization teaches physicians a new paradigm in taking histories of patients by tracing disease origins on a timeline. There are practitioners who follow this method and patients looking for fresh perspectives can look for them on the website.

5. Dr. Joseph Mercola

joseph-mercolaDr. Joseph Mercola’s website is another great resource. He is an osteopathic physician who has a wealth of knowledge regarding integrative practice and especially the aspect of nutrition.

I highly recommend subscribing to his daily emails which cover many different topics.

His articles on various products, especially foods, are insightful and packed with useful information designed to educate a person on how to maintain optimal health.

As I continue to learn about integrative medicine, I am sure to find other resources to add to this list. I’d be interested to know from you about resources you’ve found helpful in your journey to better health.


  1. Mat…when you use the term “integrative medicine” what exactly do you mean?

    • Integrative medicine blends traditional (or what is termed allopathic medicine) meaning using prescription drugs, surgery etc for treatment with other modalities. For example, I’m an osteopathic physician and use sometimes manipulative therapy for let’s say back pain. There’s also acupuncture, naturopathy (uses nutritional and herbal supplements) and others. I’m trained in traditional medicine mainly but have come to embrace other modalities as I see many shortcomings in our current healthcare system

      Hope that answers your question and I appreciate your inquiry. Thanks

  2. Mat, that was a great post with sound resources. Definitely going to check these out. Thanks!

  3. Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Peaceful Practice has provided a great resource list here! Not only health sources but also financial and meditation. Awesome!

  4. I agree that the mind/body connection has the ability to bring dis-ease to light in our lives. I started out reading Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a turning point for me. I admire your way of thinking as a person and physician.

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